Welcome to Exploring Botanicals, a plant information database born out of the travels and research of Paul Gaylon, the founder and president of Herbal Products & Development. Herbal Products is a herbal supplement company focusing on uniquely potent and tested formulas that work to build a nutritional foundation of health (herbprod.com). He also created Unified Community, an online resource for high-quality links (unifiedcommunity.info). Paul is passionate about plants, and aims to use Exploring Botanicals as a means to share this passion and his often cutting-edge knowledge of botanicals with the world.


A Note from Paul:

ExploringBotanicals.com came out of my deep love and reverence for the plant world.  Being an herbalist, this is part of my daily interest, providing richness,  beauty, and mood of the natural wonders of our world. I wanted to bring an educational experience at the click of a button.

This is a vast undertaking and it is still a snapshot into my subjective experiences.  Biological life on earth depends on the world of plants to provide food, clothes and shelter.  From houseplants to majestic forests, plants speak of beauty, mystery, purpose and solutions to our daily existence.

ExploringBotanicals.com is my personal tribute to the plant life we all enjoy. I hope to provide education, beauty, mood and resources in a practical fashion.  The click of a button will transport you to that of photos and text for each botanical entry. Please note I used my own faculty to discern how best to categorize the plants; this site is not following a strict classification system.

There have been thousands of plants from many places to make this a learning tool. I wish to encourage your enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the plant world, which shapes our world. Plants and animals are disappearing at a rapid rate. Let’s learn, respect, and understand the value of our biological diversity.